Writing Everyday

There are many benefits to writing. I have done my research, I have seen examples, I have witnessed transformations. Writing is one of the best ways to increase creativity and to increase brain utilisation.

What I find challenging

The art of flow. In this context, Flow refers to the smoothness of your story. The way it strings together. My approach to my general blogging is to not be a technical piece. I dont want to talk about work or anything relating to it. To name a few, I want to talk about life, productivity, parenting, health and gaming. So yeah, I find a creating flow in a blog post challenging. That could actually be because I dont really read much blogs to begin with. I dont know what is done and what to expect.

Why I need this

I have always wanted to write. I adore the idea of writing your mind out, like a journal, and one day come back to read it again in the future. Probably when my son is all grown up. I have a strong believe that writing will improve certain parts of my life. Namely, my creativity and my ability to attain speech flow. Speech flow is the art of speaking in a very coherent manner. In a very logically sound, smooth and clear manner. I have a colleague whom I believe has very good speech flow. Looking at how he thinks/talk is amazing.

What are the steps that I am going to take

At a minimum, I am going to write twice a week. I am going to hold myself accountable by having a Habitica account. This app gamifies your life and makes habits/dailies a fun thing to try and achieve. Briefly, it gives you coins that you can trade for items to better your character if you do well(meet your dailies and todos), and deduct health from you if you miss them for consecutive days.

This way, I think I can see how my character progresses and be at least responsible to a certain degree.

Anyways, it is time to go now. Been writing for the past 15 minutes. I feel better than I was 15 minutes ago, and that is a promising sign to writing.

Till next time.